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Bradley Tejeda recently graduated with his MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama in 2016 and his B.A in Theatre Arts from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX where he has lived all his life until 2013. He is a Tejano/Chicano Actor residing in Brooklyn, New York. Most recent production performances include: Rudolpho in "A View From The Bridge" by Arthur Miller with The Light Fantastic Theatre Co. and Tusenbach in "The Square Root of Three Sisters" with a triple party collaboration between the Yale School of Drama, The New Haven Festival of Arts and Ideas, and Russian theatre maker, Dmitry Krymov. 


His current independent project that he is bringing to Rasquache 2017 is his writing of a new theatrical piece by exploring the connection (and maybe disconnection) between 1. The actor, 2. the present physical environment around the actor (including geographical objects "inside" the location of performance that influence the air of the space), and 3: any attachments the actor is connected to  outside the location of performance. The present and history are one united. He hopes to demystify creating story by activating the stories our bodies carry and have memorized on their own. Tejeda is seeking to empower and implicate the actor and the space outside the actor as the primary creator of story and performed action. In doing so, he is attempting to connect with his detached Spanish culture. The Rasquache Residency marks his first ever visit to Mexico.

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