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Matthew Sibley was born in Roanoke, Virginia.  He developed a passion for Spanish which led him to pursue both a BA in Modern Languages,Spanish from James Madison University and an MA in Romance and Classical Studies, Spanish from Bowling Green State University.

During his studies he traveled to both Spain and Mexico to further immerse himself in the language. Mexico in particular captivated him with its cultures, art, and landscapes, as well as its unique variety of Spanish. His experience in both countries further inspired his poetry, leading him to publish “Atomic sunrise/Alba atómica” in the 2011 James Madison University Spanish Poetry Workshop anthology, “No hay drenaje (en México)” in la Blogoteca de Babel (2014) at Bowling Green State University, and “Aquí hay” which is pending publication in the literary magazine Blasfemia in San Luís Potosí, Mexico.


As a literary critic he has participated in various conferences focused on Latin American literary research, in one of which he presented on his Master’s thesis “La trilogía del ‘Plan de Abajo’ de Jorge Ibargüengoitia: Un cuestionamiento de la realidad y la ficción a partir del espacio quimérico, las técnicas narrativas y la heteroglosia.”



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